Business applications in INSTAFLOW framework

ALL process.

The issue of business management systems is a sensitive point in the life of a company. Most people still implement their workflows in spreadsheets because they find that ERP, accounting or invoice management systems are either expensive, not customisable or simply unmanageable and ugly.

Yet it does not necessarily cost the GDP of a small African country to buy a system that is easily scalable, can be used to implement any process and can be quickly deployed with an efficient, rapid implementation.

At InfoSense Hungary, we are committed to the idea that a company's business management system can be efficient, customised, integrated and affordable.

Our business support systems, built on the INSTAFLOW framework, have been proven in many areas. Read more about the framework here.

Low code / No code

Our INSTAFLOW framework is based on a powerful central workflow manager and a custom parameter set built around it with little code.
Need to introduce a new process step in the Procurement Planning module? Done.
Need to create a custom PDF of the order? No problem.
Need to add a new data field to the form because controlling requires it? OK.


The framework is a browser-based application built on a PostgreSQL / MySQL database, communicating with filing systems, electronic signature systems, financial and HR systems, SAP, taking into account that no duplicate data entry is required.

Identification of users can be done from Active Directory, SSO, 2FA extensions.

What did we solve with INSTAFLOW?

Procurement support, business planning, procurement reconciliation, invoice verification, contract registration, production scheduling, defects management, vehicle use authorisation, project registration, cleaning claims management, business card application, insurance administration, posting management, taxi code application, TIR assessment, season ticket claim management, staff access, exit walking paper, cafeteria claims.

Also works in Home Office

Our business process management systems are also suitable for home office solutions. With remote access on notebooks and mobile devices, we offer easy-to-use administration interfaces for home / teleworking.

Other services

We offer our clients not only development services, but also system design, consulting and other IT services.

Our clients, our work

All our clients do very interesting work. Whether they are banks, public authorities, printing houses, manufacturing plants or universities, they all have one thing in common: they are satisfied and have made their operations efficient. They have modernised their business processes with less paper costs, more transparency and shorter administration times.